Monday, August 4, 2008

How Heat It Is

Can you see the heat that prevailed; this picture was taken on the solar eclipse day. Really very hot it was to travel on that day. Many of them suffered on that day due to this heat. Really on that day only I realized how much suffering people would have suffered. This is because of the increase in the global warming. So first we have to stop polluting the environment.


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Be A Leader

To be a leader build trust, sustain it. Keep developing your abilities. Do not blame others for your mistakes. Contribute all you can for the success of your team. Do what you believe is right though you have to pay a price for it. Be really very confident. Be a role model for all your employees. Trust your employees and their abilities. Praise them for their success and share their success story with others. Accept people as they are and respect them. Once a mutual trust is established between you and your employees, leading them becomes easy.

Air conditioning

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When I was doing my second year we had a trip to Andaman. It’s really a god gifted
place...........The place is so silent which I have never seen before..............
We can feel the nature in that place. The seas are so clean and it’s nice to have a visit in a lifetime.........

Fancy Dress

Hi friends good morning, here with a new post for you all. All of you have heard about fancy dress competitions. During our childhood we would have participated in those competitions. Even now in many nations parties like these are taking place. All these would make people happy and relax themselves from their hectic work. It would be a nice experience to participate in those parties. Here is a very good website where we can know about fancy dress. Here in this website they give information about all things related fancy dress. Here we can know about fancy dress parties, fancy dress costumes. This website is the no.1 U.K website for knowing about fancy dresses. There are many categories like adult fancy dress, child fancy dress, masks, teenager costumes etc. We can do also shopping using visa and master cards etc. There are many featured costumes that children like. This is a nice portal to know about fancy dress costumes. So don’t waste time, hurry up and see this website and get good fancy dress and participate in the parties. Hope you would like these post friends.

Macafee 2008

I have used a lot of antivirus .But I started to use MacAfee some four months back only. Most of the rating sites for antivirus give third place to MacAfee. Truly this should be given first place because of its efficiency to guard from more vulnerable viruses.

That too MacAfee total protection 2008 is a superb antivirus. Here after I will use this MacAfee alone through my life time. And I also recommend MacAfee for those who want a antivirus. Its real time shield is very superb, for e.g. if you insert a drive it automatically detects it and quarantine the virus.

The user interface is also designed very nicely to attract the users. Really MacAfee is very good software’s rate MacAfee to 100 and not just to 10.

Toaster Oven Guide

Here with a post for you all friends. Now in every home there are toasters. We use toasters for toasting breads etc. when we want to buy a toaster first thing we should see is wattage of the toaster. Toasters are very useful for office going women’s because they can do the morning breakfast as soon as possible. There may be many wattage settings in the toaster. We can use an appropriate setting so that we can use the electricity accordingly and save it. So my friends if you think to buy a toaster just see this website and know more about toasters.

Blue Ray And HD Discs

Both of them are high density optical disc. The encoding type of HD is M PEG-2.
Whereas the encoding type of BLUE RAY is M PEG-2 and M PEG-4.HD can accommodate a minimum of 15 GB and a max of 30 GB.
BLUE RAY can accommodate a minimum of 25 GB and a maximum of 50 GB.
But most of the Hollywood companies have opted for blue ray and only some of the companies have opted for HD .so blue ray stands ahead HD.