Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cleveland Indians

Here is an interesting post about sports. Baseball has been a popular game across the world and many of them love to play this game. Here is a website that helps you to give information about Cleveland Indians baseball team. This is a baseball team based on the Cleveland, Ohio, United States.

This team has won two world championships, the first in 1920 and the second in 1948.
The name Indians came because of the request by the club owner. There is also a blog that is maintained by the Cleveland Indians called Cleveland Indians blogs. So friends please have a visit to this website and know more about baseball team.

Beach Trip

Yesterday I and my friends had a nice time. They came to my home and we spent our time very nicely. Then thought of going out, then decided to go to beach. In the middle petrol tank got empty. Then we were rolling our bike and then at last in a small roadside shop we got petrol and then reached beach. We returned back home again by night eight o clock.

Car Hire in Seconds

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