Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cool Chennai.........

For the past two days the climate here is so cloudy that people are happy about the climate. It was too hot to travel anywhere in Chennai for the past two months but yesterday it rained for sometime which brought smiles in the faces of the people. Nothing could give pleasure other than the rain in this hot summer.
People like to get wet in this rain because of the too hotness which prevailed last two months. It was about 42 degree Celsius. But now it’s very cloudy and it’s nice to travel anywhere.
But behind these happier moments, this climatic change is due to global warming .so it’s heartening that our earth is changing everyday due to us.

Phone Unlocking

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When we speak about time and time related topics first thing that comes to our mind is clocks. As the saying say time and tide wait for no one, really clock doesn’t wait for anyone and won’t have partiality for rich and poor. One who wants to know about the clocks and time they can ask to a person who lost first place by a millisecond in Olympics. So don’t waste your precious time and use it in a useful way.


Here with a new post again friends. In our day today life electrical appliances has becomes a important one. Earlier days when lights were not introduced people were suffering a lot to read books and do any work after day time. But after lights came really they gave a real meaning to mankind and because of this many social evils were eradicated like thefts were stopped to an extent. When we speak about lights, lamps is been an important one among them. Here is website that gives information lamps.

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