Monday, October 6, 2008

Nouveau University

Some of the expert author’s names available in the website are Irvin Wilson, Stephen R. Covey. These authors provide effective and useful assistance to its students so that the students can gain enormous knowledge and can maintain a successful career. Jim Piccolo is the CEO of who Nouveau Riche University has attributed to the university’s great success. He is not only the CEO but also the co-founder of the university .The magazine chooses a particular company to publish in its issue and the company chose Nouveau Riche University in its Jan 2008 issue was a great deal. The magazine has a great reputation in the real estate market. The company published in the magazine Nouveau Riche University is a real estate company that has proven from time and again with successful strategies and procedures in creating successful business men. The magazine not only covers real estate companies but also its successful student’s profiles for customer’s reference. Efficient teaching methods are also maintained like video class room, coaching programs, Independent student advisory training and many more. Nouveau Riche is one place where students can get effective and efficient training and can come out in flying colors. The magazine also provides more information like students advisors guide to success and also their suggestions. So people can get the magazine and get benefited.


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