Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hike in oil prices

Petrol and diesel prices in India have been raised in the past week in order to manage the growing loss in the oil industry. Actually the rates of petrol have to be priced at 120 rupees per liter to manage the loss. But if they raise the government will face more difficulties.
After some more years this might grow and reach 100 rupees also. Now the price of petrol is 56 rupees. All own a two wheeler and so it’s unavoidable to buy petrol. Researchers are in search for another mode of fuel. If they succeed then it won’t be a problem for another 100 years. The oil wealth is slowly declining.

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Anonymous said...

Well unfortunately no matter how much everyone complains it just never seems to get any better =( which sucks, a couple of things I would reccomend would be first off, do not ever buy petrol from Caltex of Shell, being the two biggest oil companies around would have to eventually drop their prices and then it will create some kind of competition (for once!) hah!

Another thing would be check out that book called total driving thats all over the net, I think the link is where i got my copy, has heaps of ways to save on fuel! =) and many many other useful things! imo, highly reccomended for driving in general.